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Setting Extract Start Dates for Users

During the initial extract process when Siebel data and Microsoft Exchange Server data for a user is first synchronized, the value of the Extract Start Date parameter determines the date of the oldest appointments and tasks that SSSE synchronizes. The administrator can specify:

  • An extract start date for an individual user
  • A system-wide extract start date that applies to all users for whom individual extract start dates are not specified

If you do not specify a system-wide or an individual extract start date, then all of a user's records are synchronized during the initial extract process.

NOTE:  The Extract Start Date parameter applies to initial extracts and to ongoing extract cycles. After the initial extract, if a user edits a task record or a calendar record in Microsoft Outlook, it is synchronized to the Siebel application only if it has a completion date after the Extract Start Date.

About the System-Wide Extract Start Date

The system-wide Extract Start Date and Extract Start Date Format parameters are set and amended using Server Manager. For further information, see Modifying Enterprise and Server Component Parameters. You can also set these parameters using the Siebel Configuration Wizard when configuring the Siebel Server during the initial installation of your Siebel application. For further information, see Using the Siebel Configuration Wizard to Configure SSSE.

Setting the Extract Start Date for Individual Users

The following procedure describes how to set extract start dates for individual users.

To specify the initial extract start date for an individual user

  1. Navigate to the Administration - PIM Server Integration screen, then the Configuration view.
  2. Select the Siebel profile.
  3. In the Configuration Parameters list, create a record with values similar to those shown in the following table:




where userid is the Siebel login of the user for whom you are setting the extract start date


where MM/DD/YYYY is the date of the oldest appointments and tasks that SSSE is to synchronize

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