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Implementing Import-Only Synchronization of Calendar Records

This topic describes how to configure SSSE so that only one-way synchronization of calendar items occurs—from Microsoft Exchange to Siebel Business Applications. Calendar items created by a user in Microsoft Outlook are synchronized with Siebel Business Applications, but changes made to the items in the Siebel application are not synchronized back to the user's Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Follow the procedure below to configure import-only synchronization of calendar items.

To enable import-only synchronization for the Calendar domain

  1. Specify the Full Sync option for the Siebel Calendar domain, as described in Setting Siebel Domain-Level Synchronization.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - PIM Server Integration screen, then the Configuration view.
  3. Select the Siebel profile.
  4. In the Configuration Parameters applet, create a record with the values shown in the following table.




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