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About SSSE Domains

This topic describes the Siebel and PIM domains supported by SSSE. The mapping of a Siebel domain to a PIM domain (such as a Microsoft Exchange Server domain) allows SSSE to synchronize data in these two domains. The supported SSSE domain maps specify how each Siebel and PIM field in a domain is mapped.

Table 26 shows the SSSE supported Siebel domains, PIM domains, and domain maps. The Siebel domains synchronize Siebel data with Microsoft Exchange Server data. The PIM domains synchronize Microsoft Exchange data with the Siebel database. The current version of SSSE does not support the creation of new Siebel domains.

NOTE:  Synchronization of data from the Siebel Personal Contacts and Siebel Employee domains is not supported if you are using Microsoft Exchange 2010.

CAUTION:  PIMSI Engine functions correctly using only the PIM and Siebel domains listed in Table 26. Do not change the values of the Name or EAI Integration Object fields for the provided Siebel domains or the Name or Domain Identifier of the provided PIM domains. Additionally, you must not change the name of the domain maps or the default mapping of PIM and Siebel domains.

Table 26. Default Mapping of Siebel and PIM Domains
Domain Map Name
Siebel Domain Name
PIM Domain Name

Siebel-Exchange Business Contact Map

Siebel Business Contact

Exchange Contact

Siebel-Exchange Calendar Map

Siebel Calendar

Exchange Calendar

Siebel-Exchange Employee Map

Siebel Employee

Exchange Contact

Siebel-Exchange Personal Contact Map

Siebel Personal Contact

Exchange Contact

Siebel-Exchange Task Map

Siebel Task

Exchange Task

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