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About Configuring SSSE for Multiple AD Forest Environments (DCOM Connector)

This topic provides background information on using SSSE in environments in which the DCOM Exchange Connectors or Microsoft Exchange Servers are in different Active Directory forests to the Siebel Server(s) running the PIMSI Engine.

The DCOM Exchange Connector acts as an intermediary for all communications between the PIMSI engine and the Exchange Server. The DCOM Exchange Connector runs using the credentials of a specific user account that has access to the mailboxes of Active Directory (AD) users who have been enabled for synchronization. The Siebel Server or servers on which the PIMSI Dispatcher and the PIMSI Engine are located can be in a different AD forest to the domain in which the DCOM Exchange Connector(s) server is located, provided there is a trust relationship between the domains. Each DCOM Exchange Connector can also reside in a different AD forest to any other DCOM Exchange Connector.

If a DCOM Exchange Connector is configured to process communications with a specific Microsoft Exchange Server, the DCOM Exchange Connector must run as a user account in the same domain as the Microsoft Exchange Server, or in a domain that is a trusted domain of the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Figure 6 illustrates the SSSE multiforest architecture if a DCOM Exchange Connector is deployed. (Each domain in Figure 6 is in a separate AD forest).

Figure 6. SSSE Multiforest Remote Connector Architecture

To run SSSE in a multiple AD forest Microsoft Exchange environment with the DCOM Exchange Connector, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be using Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP1 or later, or Microsoft Exchange 2007 or later.
  • You must enable SSSE to use fully qualified email addresses. For information on using fully qualified email addresses with SSSE, see Using Fully Qualified Email Addresses.
  • There must be a trust relationship between the domain in which the Siebel Servers run (for example, Domain_A) and each of the other domains (for example, Domain_B and Domain_C). There does not necessarily have to be a trust relationship between the other domains, that is, between Domain_B and Domain_C, each of which contains a DCOM Exchange Connector and an Exchange Server.

For information on configuring SSSE to run in a Microsoft Exchange environment with more than one AD forest, see Process of Configuring SSSE for Multiple AD Forests (DCOM Connector).

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