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Configuring Recurring Appointments

This topic describes how to configure the number of individual appointments that are created in Siebel Business Applications for Microsoft Outlook appointments that have a recurrence pattern that is not supported in Siebel Business Applications.

This task is an optional step in Roadmap for Configuring SSSE.

Siebel Business Applications do not support the same appointment recurrence options as Microsoft Outlook Exchange, for example, meetings that occur twice a month. If you select an appointment recurrence option in Microsoft Outlook that is not supported by Siebel Business Applications, when the appointment is synchronized, SSSE represents the recurrence pattern by creating individual appointments in Siebel Business Applications to represent individual instances of the recurring appointment; this process is known as fanning the appointments. The number of individual appointments that is created is determined by the value of the Max Recurring Instances field for the Siebel Calendar domain. This topic describes how to specify a value for the Max Recurring Instances field.

Once the number of appointments specified by the Max Recurring Instances parameter have been created, SSSE does not create any further occurrences for that meeting unless both of the following conditions apply:

To configure the number of Siebel appointment instances that are created for recurring Microsoft Outlook appointments, perform the following procedure.

To configure recurring appointment values

  1. Navigate to the Administration - PIM Server Integration screen, then the Siebel Domains view.
  2. In the Siebel Domains list, select Siebel Calendar, then scroll to the right until the Max Recurring Instances field is displayed.
  3. Set the Max Recurring Instances field to the value required.

    The number you specify for this field determines the maximum number of individual appointments that are created in the Siebel application for each synchronized Microsoft Outlook appointment that has an unsupported recurrence value.

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