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Process of Configuring Additional Appointment Instances for Recurring Appointments

This topic describes how to configure SSSE so that additional records are generated in Siebel Business Applications during the synchronization process for Microsoft Outlook appointments that:

  • Have a recurrence pattern that is not supported in Siebel Business Applications
  • Continue to recur in Microsoft Outlook after the value of the Max Recurring Instances setting is reached. For additional information on the Max Recurring Instances setting, see Configuring Recurring Appointments.

This process is an optional step in Roadmap for Configuring SSSE.

To configure additional appointment instances for recurring appointments, perform the following tasks:

  1. Creating and Running the Refan Job
  2. Making Repository Changes
  3. Updating the Siebel Calendar Profile
  4. Creating a New PIMSI Data Map Entry

NOTE:  For existing implementations, when you configure SSSE so that additional appointment instances are created after the value of the Max Recurring Instances setting is reached, the change is only implemented for new recurring appointments, or updates in Microsoft Outlook Exchange.

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