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Updating the Siebel Calendar Profile

This topic describes how to update the Siebel Calendar profile to allow additional appointment instances to be created for recurring appointments after the number of instances specified by the Max Recurring Instances setting has been reached.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring Additional Appointment Instances for Recurring Appointments.

To update the Siebel Calendar Profile

  1. Navigate to the Administration - PIM Server Integration screen, then the Configuration view.
  2. Select the Siebel Calendar profile.
  3. In the Configuration Parameters applet, create two records using the values shown in the following table.



    Either 1 or 0.

    If you specify 1, multiple entries are created in Siebel Business Applications for recurring appointments that have a supported recurrence pattern. This allows you to track individual meeting data, instead of sharing the data across all meetings.

    If you specify 0, the number of entries that are created for appointments with unsupported recurrence patterns is determined by the value of the Max Recurring Instances setting. For information on the Max Recurring Instances parameter, see Configuring Recurring Appointments.



    n days

    A recurring appointment end-date value is calculated based on the number you specify for this parameter.

    For example, if the recurring appointment start date is March 10, 2011 and the DaysinNumber value is 20, additional records are initially generated for the appointment through March 30, 2011. If the refan job you created (see Creating and Running the Refan Job) is scheduled to run on March 17, 2011, additional appointments are generated through April 6, 2011 (20 days after the refan job runs on March 17, 2011).

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