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Changing Siebel Domain Configurations

The following procedure describes how to change a Siebel domain configuration, as part of customizing SSSE. This procedure involves Field Type settings for both Siebel and PIM domains. The following constraints exist:

  • Synchronization requires mapping between Siebel fields and PIM fields.
  • Mapping is only possible between fields that are listed in the Siebel Domain Fields list and the PIM Domain Fields list.
  • For each field that you want to synchronize, the Field Type value for the Siebel Domain Field must match the Field Type value for the corresponding PIM Domain Field.

This task is a step in Process of Customizing SSSE.

For more information about SSSE PIM domain configuration, see Changing PIM Domain Configuration. For an example of how to perform this task for a new field to be synchronized, see Example of Changing Siebel Domain Configurations.

To change a Siebel domain configuration

  1. Navigate to the Administration - PIM Server Integration screen, then the Siebel Domains view.
  2. In the Siebel Domains list, select the domain to reconfigure.
  3. In the Siebel Domain Fields list, click Sync Fields.

    This action copies the values in the inbound data maps to the corresponding fields in the Siebel domain, so the domain acquires the new fields and field modifications that were made in the inbound data maps. However, Sync Fields does not delete fields that you deleted in data maps. You must delete these fields manually, as described in Step 5 of this procedure.

  4. In the Siebel Domain Fields list, select the record for the newly created or updated field, and set an appropriate value for Field Type.

    The value often describes the type of data that the Siebel field holds. For instance, both the Business Phone field and the Home Phone field might have Field Type set to Phone.

    NOTE:  In order for SSSE to map a Siebel field to a PIM field successfully, you must set Field Type for the Siebel field to a value that matches the field type of the PIM field.

  5. In the Siebel Domain Fields list, use standard query techniques to locate the records for any fields you deleted from inbound data maps, and delete those records.
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