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Changing Integration Objects

Any time you add or change a field for SSSE to synchronize, you must change one or more Integration objects for the Siebel domain that is involved. Table 33 shows the changes that are required.

NOTE:  When you add a new field for synchronization, or modify the properties of a field that is already available for synchronization, the new or amended field is not visible in related records that have previously been synchronized. The new or amended field becomes visible in the related record only when the record is changed again, either in Microsoft Outlook or in Siebel Business Applications, because only changed records are synchronized.

This task is a step in Process of Customizing SSSE.

Table 33. Integration Object Change Requirements
Field Change
Integration Object Modifications Required

Add a new field for synchronization

Siebel Integration Object and
Intermediate Integration Object

Modify an existing field that is synchronized

Intermediate Integration Object

The following procedure briefly describes how to change an Integration Object as part of customizing SSSE. For more information about Integration Objects, see About SSSE Integration Objects. For an example of how to perform this task for a new field that you want to synchronize, see Example of Changing Integration Objects.

NOTE:  This procedure assumes that the new field already exists in the appropriate Siebel Business Component, but does not yet exist in the Siebel Integration Object or the Intermediate Integration Object. The procedure also assumes that the new field has not yet been synchronized.

To change an integration object

  1. Log in to Siebel Tools.
  2. Select the Integration Object that you want to change.
  3. Select the integration component for which a field is to be changed or added.
  4. Change the field properties of the integration component as required.
  5. Save the record.
  6. Recompile the SRF for the project.
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