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Changing SSSE Data Maps

Data maps must be modified whenever you add a field for SSSE to synchronize and whenever you modify a synchronized field. For more information about Data Maps, see About SSSE Data Maps. For an example of how to change data maps for a new field to be synchronized, see Example of Changing Data Maps.

This task is a step in Process of Customizing SSSE.

CAUTION:  You must change the inbound data maps for the applicable domains before you change Siebel domain configurations as described in Changing Siebel Domain Configurations. If this is not done, then Siebel administration screens for SSSE might not reflect the customization tasks you have already completed.

The following procedure briefly describes how to change a data map as part of customizing SSSE.

To change a data map for SSSE

  1. Use the SRF that contains your changes to Integration Objects.
  2. In your Siebel application, navigate to the Administration - Integration screen, then the Data Map Editor view.
  3. In the Integration Object Map list, select the Data Map you want to change.

    For information about the names of data maps for SSSE domains, see About SSSE Data Maps.

  4. In the Integration Component Map list, select the record for the component you want to change, and then scroll down.

    To determine which component to select, inspect the Source Component Name column in the Integration Component Map list for the component that you modified in Siebel Tools. The same component must be modified in the data map.

  5. In the Integration Field Map list, create a new record, if necessary, and modify field values.
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