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Installing Siebel Server for SSSE

The first part of the SSSE installation process is to install Siebel Enterprise Server software on the computers that will host the SSSE components and your Siebel application (such as Siebel Sales).

This task is a step in Roadmap for Installing SSSE.

CAUTION:  Never install Microsoft Outlook on a computer that will run the Siebel DCOM Exchange Connector application. Microsoft Outlook overwrites a critical Microsoft Exchange library used by the DCOM Exchange Connector with a less functional version. Microsoft Outlook can be installed on computers that run the Web service Exchange Connector.

To install Siebel Server for SSSE

  1. Install the Siebel Server software components.
    1. When you run the Siebel Enterprise Server installer to install the Siebel Server Software, you are prompted to indicate the type of installation you want to perform. You are given the option of choosing either a Typical installation, a Compact installation, or a Custom installation. Select the Custom installation option, then select both of the following install options at a minimum (you can select other additional options as required):
      • PIM Server Integration—Files supporting Siebel Server Sync
      • Object Manager Component
    2. Choose a language that is supported for SSSE.

      For more information, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network.

  2. After the installation of files is complete, follow Configuration Wizard prompts to configure the Siebel Server software components.

    For information on configuring the Siebel Server software components, see Using the Siebel Configuration Wizard to Configure SSSE and Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

    Do not attempt to start the PIMSI Engine server component at this time. You cannot start the PIMSI Engine successfully until after you have configured the Exchange Connector. For information on configuring the Siebel Exchange Connector, see Configuring Siebel Server Sync for Microsoft Exchange Server.

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