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Roadmap for Installing SSSE

To install SSSE, perform the following processes and tasks:

  1. Prepare your Microsoft Exchange environment.

    The preinstallation tasks for SSSE differ depending on the version of Microsoft Exchange Server used. Use the appropriate process for your environment:

  2. Checking Domain Controller Properties
  3. Configuring Firewalls for Use with SSSE
  4. Installing Siebel Server for SSSE
  5. (Optional) Installing a Remote DCOM Exchange Connector

    This is an optional step in SSSE installations that implement the DCOM Exchange Connector. This task does not apply to SSSE installations that implement only the Web service Exchange Connector.

  6. (Optional) Applying SSSE Index Files to the Database

    To improve PIMSI Dispatcher performance, it is recommended that you activate SSSE indexes.

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