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Installing Messaging Application Program Interface

The following procedure briefly describes how to install the Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) on DCOM Exchange Connector computers.

When you install Exchange 2007 System Management Tools, the MAPI interface is not installed by default. You must install the MAPI interface separately after installing the Exchange 2007 System Management Tools.

This task is a step in Process of Preparing a Microsoft Exchange 2007 Environment for SSSE Installation.

NOTE:  This task must be performed for all DCOM Exchange Connector computers, but is not required for PIMSI Engine computers that do not run Exchange Connector.

To install the MAPI interface

  1. On the computer where you want to install the software, open a browser window, navigate to the Microsoft downloads Web site at the following URL, and locate the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 MAPI software

  2. Create a folder on the computer's local hard disk, or in another network-accessible location.
  3. Click the Download link on the Web page to copy the MAPI software to the folder you created.
  4. Install the software by double-clicking the ExchangeMapiCdo.EXE file.
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