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Functions in Calculation Expressions

Functions that can be used in the filter search specification are listed in Table 24.

Table 24. Functions That May Be Used in Filter Search Specifications

GetProfileAttr ("[Attribute]")


Returns the value stored in the profile attribute if that attribute has been defined. Used in personalization to retrieve values of attributes in a user profile and to pass information from a script to the UI. Set a session-specific personalization attribute equal to the value of the shared global, and reference the personalization attribute in a calculated field.

NOTE:  For an undefined attribute or for an attribute that has not been set up, GetProfileAttr returns NULL. Search Server does not support NULL values in the query.

LookupValue (type, lang_ind_code)


Finds a row in S_LST_OF_VAL table where the TYPE column matches the type argument, the CODE column matches the lang_ind_code argument, and the LANG_ID column matches the language code of the currently active language. Returns the display value (the VAL column) for the row. This function is used to obtain the translation of the specified untranslated value in the specified LOV into the currently active language.



Today's date (for example, 6/30/07).



Returns a list of valid catalog categories for the current logged in user.

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