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Managing the Key File Using the Key Database Manager

This topic describes how to run the Key Database Manager utility to add new encryption keys to the key file and to change the key file password. The AES Encryptor and RC2 Encryptor use the key in the key file to encrypt new data. The Key Database Manager automatically determines which encryptor to use (RC2 Encryptor or AES Encryptor).

The Key Database Manager utility is named keydbmgr.exe on Microsoft Windows and keydbmgr on UNIX operating systems. It is located in the bin subdirectory of the Siebel Server directory.

CAUTION:  You must back up the key file before making changes to it. If the key file is lost or damaged, it might not be possible to recover the encrypted data without a backup key file.

The following procedure describes how to run the Key Database Manager.

To run the Key Database Manager

  1. Shut down any server components that are configured to use encryption.

    For information on shutting down server components, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

  2. From the bin subdirectory in the Siebel Server directory, run Key Database Manager using the following syntax:

    On Windows:

    keydbmgr.exe \u db_username \p db_password \l language \c config_file

    On UNIX:

    keydbmgr /u db_username /p db_password /l language /c config_file

    For descriptions of the flags and parameters, see Table 7.

  3. When prompted, enter the key file password:
  4. To exit the utility, enter 3.
  5. Restart any server components that were shut down in Step 1.

    For information on starting server components, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

Table 7 lists the flags and parameters for the Key Database Manager utility.

Table 7. Key Database Manager Flags and Parameters



Username for the database user



Password for the database user



Language type



Full path to the application configuration file, such as siebel.cfg for Siebel Sales.

The following topics provide information on adding new encryption keys to the key file and changing the key file password:

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