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Seed Employee

One Employee record is provided as seed data at installation, as described in Table 31. This record does not have a database login or a responsibility, but, like other employees, it does have a position and an organization.

Customer users, such as Siebel eService users, are not assigned their own position or organization. When a customer user logs in, the application programmatically associates the proxy employee with the user. The proxy employee provides the following functions:

  • Data subsequently created by the user is associated with the organization of the proxy employee, which allows the data to display in views that implement organization access control.
  • The user can see data created by the user and by others in views that implement organization access control.

The proxy employee is specified at the application level as a Siebel Gateway Name Server parameter.

For information about associating the proxy employee with an application, see Siebel Gateway Name Server Parameters. For information about organization access control, see Access Control Mechanisms.

Table 31. Proxy Employee Seed Data Field Values
Last Name
First Name
User ID





Proxy Employee

Default Organization

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