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Overview of Installing and Configuring Servers in a Siebel Deployment

Figure 1 illustrates the general process of installing and configuring the main server elements in a Siebel Business Applications deployment. Note the following:

  • You can install each item in sequence and perform its associated configuration tasks, or install all items and then configure them.
  • Database Configuration Utilities are installed once, typically with the first Siebel Server installed.
  • Multiple instances of Siebel Server and Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) are typically installed for medium-sized or larger deployments.

For more details, see Process of Installing and Configuring Servers in a Siebel Deployment, Determining Your Installation and Configuration Method, and other topics.

Figure 1. Installing and Configuring Servers in a Siebel Deployment

Figure 2 illustrates a simplified architecture for the server elements in your Siebel deployment, after you have installed and configured the software. For a more detailed illustration, see Siebel Deployment Planning Guide.

Figure 2. Simplified Architecture for a Siebel Deployment
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