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About the Siebel Database and the Database Configuration Utilities

CAUTION:  In an upgrade environment, or in another environment where you have an existing Siebel Database, you generally do not perform any tasks mentioned in this chapter. For more information, see About Installing in Upgrade Environments.

The Siebel Database on the RDBMS stores the data used by Siebel Business Applications. Siebel Server components (particularly Application Object Managers supporting Siebel Web Clients), Siebel Tools clients, and Siebel Developer Web Clients connect directly to the Siebel Database and make changes in real time.

(Siebel Mobile Web Clients download a subset of the server data to use locally, and periodically synchronize with the Siebel Database through the Siebel Remote components on the Siebel Server, to update both the local database and the Siebel Database.)

The Database Configuration Utilities (formerly called the Siebel Database Server) refers to a set of files that you install on a Siebel Server machine using the Siebel Enterprise Server installer. These files are accessed when you run the Database Configuration Wizard and the Siebel Upgrade Wizard in order to configure the Siebel Database on the RDBMS.

NOTE:  In the Database Configuration Wizard, the main database configuration task is called installing the Siebel Database. This guide generally refers to the same task as configuring the Siebel Database.

For instructions on installing Database Configuration Utilities, Siebel Server, and other Siebel Enterprise Server components, see Installing Siebel Enterprise Server and Related Components.

NOTE:  This chapter assumes that you have already created the database instance. It also assumes that you have already installed the Database Configuration Utilities on the same machine as a Siebel Server, and in the same top-level installation directory. It is recommended to install the Siebel Server and the Database Configuration Utilities at the same time. Database Configuration Utilities need only be installed once, on a single Siebel Server machine.

For information about tasks you must perform in the RDBMS before you install the Database Configuration Utilities, see Configuring the RDBMS.

The Database Configuration Utilities installed software has no run-time role in managing database operations for users running Siebel Business Applications.

Some of the tasks you can perform with the Database Configuration Wizard are for upgrade scenarios only, and are described in Siebel Database Upgrade Guide.

This chapter describes running the Database Configuration Wizard to configure the Siebel Database. For more information about the wizards provided for configuring Siebel software, see About Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server and Related Components and related topics.

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