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About Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server and Related Components

This topic provides important background information about configuring Siebel Enterprise Server components and certain other installable components of Siebel Business Applications. Configuration tasks are performed after installation, using the Siebel Configuration Wizard.

For instructions for launching the Siebel Configuration Wizard, see Launching the Siebel Configuration Wizard.

The Siebel Enterprise Server components you can install include Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, Database Configuration Utilities, and EAI Connector (support files). Installation for these components is described in Installing Siebel Enterprise Server and Related Components.

Configuration of Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Enterprise, and Siebel Server are described in this chapter. Configuration of the Siebel Database using the Database Configuration Wizard (part of Database Configuration Utilities) is described in Configuring the Siebel Database. EAI Connector files require no configuration.

After you install one or more Siebel Enterprise Server components, the Siebel Configuration Wizard launches automatically so you can perform tasks to configure the components you installed. Optionally, you can exit the Configuration Wizard and configure these components later. Some Configuration Wizards can be run multiple times, while others must be run only once.

Configuration of the Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) logical profile and of each physical SWSE is described in Installing and Configuring the Siebel Web Server Extension. You must configure at least one logical profile before you configure individual SWSE instances.

The Configuration Wizard framework supports configuration tasks for multiple components in the Siebel Business Applications, including Siebel Enterprise Server, SWSE, Siebel Management Agent, Siebel Management Server, and other items.

Management Agent may be installed as part of a Siebel Server installation, or installed separately. See Installing Siebel Management Agent and Siebel Management Server and Configuring Siebel Management Agent and Siebel Management Server.

If you installed using the FastTrack Wizard, the Configuration Wizards for most components launch automatically and run in a limited mode (SMB visibility mode). In this mode, wizards display fewer screens and several assumptions are made about configuration settings. In general, this chapter assumes that you installed using the main installers, for which the Configuration Wizards run in Enterprise visibility mode instead. For more information about the FastTrack Wizard, see Installing Using the Siebel FastTrack Wizard.

NOTE:  This guide generally refers to the Siebel Configuration Wizard for the overall wizard used for any or all configuration contexts. Depending on the context, this guide may instead refer to a wizard using a more specific name, such as the Siebel Server Configuration Wizard.

This topic includes the following subtopics:

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