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Running EVT in Query Mode

EVT can also be run in query mode. This mode is intended to interface with other utilities that need to query the installation for information.

To run in query mode, you use the -q flag. The -q flag must be accompanied by a properly formatted query string.

NOTE:  In query mode, EVT ignores all other options (except -h).

The query string consists of name=value pairs delimited by the plus sign (+).

The output of EVT in this mode is either pass[] or fail[], with the current value of the parameter in brackets, where applicable. Examples for UNIX are shown below.


% evt -q "Checkname=VAR+ParamName=SIEBEL_ASSERT_MODE+ParamValue=0"


This command returns fail[] because SIEBEL_ASSERT_MODE is not set to 0 and its current value is [NULL].


% evt -q "Checkname=UNDEFVAR+ParamName=SIEBEL_ASSERT_MODE"


This command returns pass[]. Because SIEBEL_ASSERT_MODE is not defined, UNDEFVAR checks whether the variable is defined. As expected, this check passes and the current value is still [NULL].

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