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Launching the EVT Utility

The EVT executable program is installed under the bin subdirectory of SIEBSRVR_ROOT. The command name is evt.exe for Windows or evt for UNIX operating systems.

You can run this executable with different options selected, based on what part of your environment you want to check.

On Windows, in order to be able to run EVT, SIEBSRVR_ROOT\BIN must be included in the environment path.

NOTE:  For more information about using EVT, see 477105.1 (Article ID) on My Oracle Support. This document was previously published as Siebel Technical Note 467.

Review the following topics to determine how to edit the evt.ini file and how to use command-line options:

The evt.ini file contains all the approved checks. If you need to add any checks or modify any of the existing checks, make a copy of the file and make your modification in the new file. Then run EVT using the -f option to direct EVT to use the new configuration file.

To launch EVT

  1. Open a DOS command window.
  2. Navigate to the SIEBSRVR_ROOT\BIN directory and run evt.exe with any valid flags, as described in Optional EVT Command Line Flags.
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