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Determine Location for Siebel Media Files and Siebel Images

This topic is part of Preparing to Create a Siebel Installation Image.

It is strongly recommended to download or copy all Siebel media files to a central location on your network where you have sufficient disk space. This location may be the same location where you will create your Siebel image, a subdirectory of this location, or some other location.

The default top-level names used by Image Creator for the Siebel image directory are C:\Siebel_Install_Image on Windows or /Siebel_Install_Image on UNIX.

For example, if you will create Siebel images for version 8.0 on a Windows system, you might create a directory D:\Siebel_Install_Image, in which you will store all of your Siebel media files and Siebel images.

You might then create subdirectories ZIP_8.0.0.0 and JAR_8.0.0.0, in which you will place all Siebel media ZIP files and the JAR files you will use to create a Siebel image for version 8.0.

In this scenario, when you run Image Creator, specify D:\Siebel_Install_Image as the top-level directory.

Image Creator will automatically create another subdirectory ( to contain the installable Siebel products, organized by platform, that you choose to include in the image. So, your applicable directories would be as shown in Table 11.

Table 11. Siebel Image Directories
Directory Function
Directory Location (Example)

ZIP files directory


Create this subdirectory to contain ZIP files you download.

JAR files directory


Create this subdirectory to contain JAR files you extract from ZIP files, or JAR files you copy from DVDs.

NOTE:  This directory must also include the files for the Siebel Image Creator utility.

Siebel image directory


Image Creator utility creates version-specific subdirectory.

NOTE:  Siebel Business Applications and Siebel Industry Applications cannot both reside in the same Siebel image. If you will create network images for both of these sets of applications, it is recommended to specify a top-level directory name that indicates the image's application type—for example, by appending SBA (for horizontal products) or SIA (for vertical products) at the end of the top-level directory name. You also specify the type when you run Image Creator, which stores this information internally. The same set of ZIP files and JAR files are used to create network images for both SBA and SIA types. However, a few of the JAR files apply to one type only, because the product is not available for the other type. For more information about the application type, see Obtaining Siebel Installation Media Files.

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