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Verifying ODBC Data Sources for Siebel Mobile Web Client and Developer Web Client

Based on settings defined in the siebel.ini file for the Siebel client, the client installer creates the ODBC data sources shown in Table 16.

By default, these are created as user data sources, which are visible only to the user account under which the Siebel client is installed. If two or more users need to log in using the same Windows client machine, install the client using the SystemDSN parameter instead of the UserDSN parameter in the siebel.ini file.

For each data source name, an optional DSN suffix may be defined to allow multiple DSN instances to be referenced from the siebel.ini file. Using suffixes for multiple DSN instances is required if you will install multiple instances of the Siebel software on the same machine, each of which will access a different data source.

In the data sources shown in Table 16, the DSN suffix is represented as optional_DSN_suffix. In the siebel.ini file, the suffix is specified using the parameter DsnSufix. Usually, this parameter is set to either default instance or $(EnterpriseServer). If you require additional instances of this DSN to be defined in the siebel.ini file, set this parameter to an appropriate string value for each additional DSN instance.

In Table 16, another optional string, the DSN prefix, is represented as optional_DSN_prefix. The DSN prefix comes before the DSN suffix. The ODBC data sources for the Sample Database and the local database use the values Samp Db and Local Db, respectively.

For more information about creating custom client installer packages using the Packager utility, see Going Live with Siebel Business Applications.

NOTE:  Make sure to use the ODBC drivers described in Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network.

Table 16. Siebel Client ODBC Data Sources
Data Source
When It Is Used

SEAW optional_DSN_prefix optional_DSN_suffix

For IBM DB2 installations only (Developer Web Client), connects to the DB2 database.

SEAW Local Db optional_DSN_suffix

Connects to the local database (SQL Anywhere).

SEAW Samp Db optional_DSN_suffix

Connects to the Siebel Sample Database (SQL Anywhere).

SEAW optional_DSN_prefix optional_DSN_suffix

For Microsoft SQL Server installations only (Developer Web Client), connects to the Microsoft SQL Server database.

SEAW optional_DSN_prefix optional_DSN_suffix

For Oracle installations only (Developer Web Client), connects to the Oracle database.

This data source is used only by the Siebel administrator when creating Siebel Anywhere upgrade kits.

This data source must include the following settings, which are specified in the applicable registry entry:

ColumnsAsChar = 1
ColumnSizeAsCharacter = 1

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