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Running Unattended Installation from the Command Line

This topic is part of Installing and Configuring in Unattended Mode.

This topic describes how to run the unattended installation from the command line. After you have confirmed that the siebel.ini files are ready to be used, run the unattended installation from the command line. Before you do so, note the following guidelines:

  • You must have a Siebel image created to use for installation. (The default siebel.ini file and the installer software is located in the Siebel image.) For more details on creating a Siebel image, see Creating the Siebel Installation Image on the Network.
  • Any data entry error that you make during installation is captured in the installation log file log.txt, located in the SIEBEL_ROOT directory. Consider using the -log logfile option to create an additional setup initialization log file.
  • Optionally, you can configure unattended configuration to be launched by the installer, as described in Editing siebel.ini Files for Unattended Installation and Configuration.

NOTE:  These instructions are for installing Siebel Enterprise Server or SWSE using unattended mode. Installation in unattended mode of other server products, where applicable, is similar.

CAUTION:  When using Terminal Services on Microsoft Windows to perform an unattended installation, make sure you set the mode to installation. Otherwise, the install process will not create the Siebel ODBC data source name (DSN) and you will not be able to bring up the server.

To install in unattended mode

  1. From a DOS prompt, navigate to the product folder in the network image. Enter:

    setup.exe -is:javaconsole -console -args SS_SETUP_INI=installer_siebel.ini_path


    • installer_siebel.ini_path = The full path, including the file name, to the installer siebel.ini file

      For example, for Siebel Enterprise Server:

    setup.exe -is:javaconsole -console -args SS_SETUP_INI=D:\Siebel_Install_Image\\Windows\Server\

  2. If unattended configuration is not configured in the siebel.ini file, you must launch the Configuration Wizard manually. See Launching the Siebel Configuration Wizard.
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