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Managing Temporary Disk Space Required by Siebel Installers and Wizards

This topic is part of General Considerations in Planning Your Siebel Deployment.

Siebel installer programs (for server-based software), the Siebel Image Creator utility, and Siebel Configuration Wizards all require the use of temporary disk space while operating. Disk space required varies by platform. The location of temporary directories is specified using the TEMP and TMP environment variables. Set these variables the same: to a valid existing directory that contains adequate space.

It is recommended to periodically clear out the temporary directory you are using. You may need to do this as part of resolving installer or wizard problems. On Microsoft Windows, the temporary directory used by default is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp.

CAUTION:  A nondefault temporary directory name you specify must not include spaces, in order to avoid problems associated with the operating system returning a long path name when a short path name is requested. Installers or wizards may fail if this problem is encountered.

When you run a Siebel installer or wizard, you can optionally specify the temporary directory the program will use in place of the directory specified by TEMP and TMP. For example, when installing Siebel Enterprise Server on Windows, you can use a command like the following:

setup.exe -is:tempdir temp_directory_location

For more information about command-line options for Siebel installers, see Command-Line Options for Siebel Installers and Wizards.

The user running the installer or wizard must have privileges that include write permission for the temporary directory.

Table 4 shows the minimum disk space required by Siebel installers and wizards (by operating system platform), along with the default temporary directory locations.

Table 4. Temporary Disk Space Required by Siebel Installers and Wizards
Operating System
Minimum Required Space
Default Location


65-100 MB

System drive (usually C:)

To verify the name of your temporary directory

  • From a DOS command prompt, enter the commands set temp and set tmp.
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