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Launching the Log File Analyzer Under Microsoft Windows

Use the following command to launch the Log File Analyzer (LFA) command-line utility under Microsoft Windows.

To launch the Log File Analyzer under Microsoft Windows

  1. Navigate to the binary subdirectory within the Siebel Server root directory (for example,
  2. Make sure the LFA configuration file (logreader.cfg) is present in the same directory as the utility. If this file is located in another directory, or has another name, use the /f parameter described in Table 36. For further information on the configuration file, see Configuring the Log File Analyzer.
  3. At the Windows command prompt, enter logreader.exe using, as necessary, parameters listed in Table 36.

    The log reader command prompt appears after a successful launch as follows:


  4. Run the LFA by using the commands described in About Running Log File Analyzer Commands.

NOTE:  Make sure the DLL files MSVCR70D.dll and MSVCP70D.dll are present in the LFA directory.

Table 36 describes the parameters available for use during the launching of the LFA.

Table 36. Log File Analyzer Parameters


Lists the parameters available for use with the LFA utility.

logreader /h


Locates the LFA configuration file if not present in LFA utility directory or if the configuration file is named differently than logreader.cfg. Include the path or new configuration filename after the /f parameter. If the configuration filename includes a space, enclose the argument with quotation marks.

logreader /f abc.cfg


log reader /f g:\abc\abc.cfg


Specifies an input file that contains LFA commands. At launch, the LFA provides output from the commands listed in the input file. Include the filename and path, if necessary, after the /i parameter.

logreader /i g:\abc\abc.txt

NOTE:  Use the parameters /f and /i independently or together.

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