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About Siebel Application Configuration Files

Table 30 lists several configuration files and their associated Siebel applications. Your installation may contain additional configuration files besides those listed.

The configuration files are located in the SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT\bin\LANGUAGE directory on the Siebel Mobile Web Client. The name of the configuration file varies, depending on the application you are using. Separate configuration files are provided for each supported language.

Table 30. Some Siebel Applications and Associated Configuration Files
Siebel Application
Configuration File

Siebel Call Center


Siebel Employee Relationship Management


Siebel Marketing


Siebel Partner Manager


Siebel Sales


Siebel Service


The initial values for the parameters in the configuration files are either predefined by Siebel Business Applications, or defined using the values that you specify during the installation or at other times.

Some parameter values can be represented using the notation $(param_name). These parameter values are substituted automatically, for example, during a client installation. For example, the value of the ConnectString parameter for a data source that has not yet been configured appears as follows:

ConnectString = $(ConnectString)

The configuration files can also be updated when you initialize the local database for a Siebel Mobile Web Client. For more information about initializing the local database, see Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

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