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Predeploying ActiveX Controls for Secure Environments

If users on supported Microsoft Windows platforms are operating in secure environments and cannot obtain write access to the Downloaded Program Files directory through means described in the previous section, the ActiveX controls used for Siebel applications must be predeployed on these users' machines.

Use the following procedure to predeploy ActiveX controls by loading the HTML file predeploy.htm, which is provided by Oracle. The ActiveX controls you can deploy are those described in ActiveX Controls Distributed for High Interactivity.

NOTE:  This task must be performed with the proper administrative permissions to install software on each client machine-usually Power Users or above.

For information on automatically loading predeploy.htm during installation of Siebel Mobile Web Clients, see Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

To predeploy ActiveX controls

  1. Navigate to the directory containing the predeploy.htm file. You can use any version of the file, which is installed in multiple locations:
    • On the Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) machine, predeploy.htm is located in the directory SWEAPP_ROOT\public\LANGUAGE, where SWEAPP_ROOT is the SWSE installation directory, and LANGUAGE represents the language you are using (such as ENU).
    • On the Siebel Server machine, predeploy.htm is located in the directory SIEBSRVR_ROOT\webmaster\LANGUAGE, where SIEBSRVR_ROOT is the Siebel Server installation directory, and LANGUAGE represents the language you are using (such as ENU).
    • On Siebel Mobile Web Client machines, predeploy.htm is located in the directory SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT\bin, where SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT is the Siebel client installation directory.
  2. Edit predeploy.htm to suit your requirements-that is, so it can be used to predeploy the ActiveX controls your users require. Then save the file.

    The file predeploy.htm contains comments about each file, to supplement the information in Table 14. Use this information to help you determine what controls to predeploy.

    NOTE:  You should have one object tag entry for each ActiveX control you are predeploying. Delete or comment out lines for any object tags you do not need (that is, those representing controls you are not predeploying). Text in the HTML file can be commented out using this notation: <!--CONTENT TO BE COMMENTED OUT-->.

  3. Remotely log into each client machine, and then open the HTML file in a supported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Wait until the message indicates that all the files have been downloaded, then close the browser and log off of the client machine.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for each applicable user.
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