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About Assigned and Unassigned Component Groups

Component groups are assigned to Siebel Servers within a Siebel Enterprise Server. Both predefined and defined components groups are automatically assigned to each Siebel Server installed within an existing Siebel Enterprise Server. Component groups must be assigned to Siebel Servers before tasks can be started for the components belonging to the component group. Only make changes to the component group assignment if you want to unassign or reassign component groups to different Siebel Servers.

Unassigning a component group on a Siebel Enterprise Server results in:

  • No allocation of space in the shared memory segment for component groups after startup.
  • The removal of the component group entries from the Siebel Gateway Name Server data.
  • A loss of any component group customization (for example, parameter overrides at the component level).

Changes to the component group assignment state take effect only when the Siebel Server System Service and Siebel Gateway Name Server System Service are restarted.

See the following topics for procedures on assigning and unassigning component groups on the Siebel Enterprise Server:

Generally, only unassign a component group if the component group is not planned for future deployment on a particular server. Alternatively, you can disable a component group temporarily. See Disabling Component Groups on a Siebel Enterprise Server for further details of this procedure and About Enabled and Disabled Component Groups for background information.

NOTE:  Unassign or disable component groups not intended to operate on that Siebel Server to reduce unnecessary consumption of server resources. Also, do not initially enable any component groups that are not specifically intended for a Siebel Server.

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