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Unassigning Component Groups on Siebel Servers

This topic describes unassigning component groups on Siebel Servers.

NOTE:  Unassigning a component group from a Siebel Server results in a loss of component group customization, for example, parameter settings. Before unassigning a component group, review background information in About Assigned and Unassigned Component Groups.

For information on other Siebel Enterprise Server configurations, see Configuring the Siebel Enterprise Server.

To unassign a component group on a Siebel Server

  1. Shut down the Siebel Server that contains the component group you want to unassign.

    For information on shutting down a Siebel Server, see Shutting Down a Siebel Server.

  2. Navigate to the Administration-Server Configuration screen.
  3. From the link bar, click Enterprises.
  4. In the Component Groups list view, select the component group of interest.
  5. In the Component Group Assignment view, select the Siebel Server of interest.
  6. Click the Unassign button.

    The Assigned? field for the selected component group on the selected Siebel Server no longer contains a check mark.

  7. Restart the Siebel Server that previously contained the unassigned component group.

    For information on starting a Siebel Server, see Starting Up a Siebel Server.

  8. For the change to take effect, stop and restart the Siebel Server System Service and Siebel Gateway Name Server System Service.

    For information on stopping and restarting the Siebel Server System Service and Siebel Gateway Name Server System Service, see Administering Server System Services.

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