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Synchronizing Components on a Siebel Enterprise Server

This topic describes synchronizing components on a Siebel Enterprise Server. You need to synchronize batch-mode Siebel Server components between the Siebel Gateway Name Server and the database whenever you:

  • Create new component definitions
  • Modify existing batch mode component definitions
  • Delete Siebel Server components

NOTE:  If synchronization does not take place, make sure the LOV (List of Value) type SRM_ACTION_TYPE is set to active. See Siebel Applications Administration Guide for details on working with LOVs.

For information on other Siebel Enterprise Server configurations, see Configuring the Siebel Enterprise Server.

To synchronize components on a Siebel Enterprise Server

  1. Navigate to Administration-Server Configuration screen, Enterprise, and then the Synchronize view.

    A list of batch-mode server components appear.

  2. Click the Synchronize button.

    This operation may take up to a minute to execute.

  3. For the changes to take effect, stop and restart the Siebel Server System Service.

    For information on this procedure, see Administering the Siebel Server System Service.

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