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Backing Up a Siebel Enterprise Server

This topic describes the procedure for backing up the Siebel Enterprise Server, which creates a copy of the Siebel Gateway Name Server siebns.dat file. For background information on the siebns.dat file and backing up the Siebel Gateway Name Server, see Backing Up the Siebel Gateway Name Server Data.

For information on other Siebel Enterprise Server configurations, see Configuring the Siebel Enterprise Server.

To back up a Siebel Enterprise Server

  1. Navigate to Administration-Server Configuration screen, then the Enterprises view.
  2. In the Enterprise Servers list, click the Backup Enterprise button.

    When complete, the browser status bar displays the message: Backup Enterprise Server is completed successfully.

For information on restoring a previous Siebel Enterprise Server configuration with the backup siebns.dat file, see Backing Up the Siebel Gateway Name Server Data.

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