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Configuring Automatic Restart for Server Components

Automatic restart is a feature that allows a Siebel Server component to automatically attempt a restart if the component exits with an error. For a user-defined number of times after the error, the Siebel Server tries to restart the component. This feature greatly reduces the administration of Siebel Server components. By default, this feature is disabled for all components.

NOTE:  If a Siebel Server component is terminated-that is, it does not exit with error-the Siebel Server component is not re-started.

You can configure automatic restart using the following parameters:

  • Auto Restart (alias AutoRestart)
  • Minimum Up Time (alias MinUpTime)
  • Number of Restarts (alias NumRestart)

The Minimum Up Time and Number of Restarts parameters combine to determine the number of restart attempts in a time interval allowed for a component (NumRestart * MinUpTime). If a component instance cannot be restarted after this time interval, no new restart will be attempted (therefore, the component instance will not be running). For descriptions of these parameters, see Siebel Enterprise, Server, and Component Parameters.

Typically, you should set these parameters at the component level, but depending on your system configuration, you may want to set these parameters at the Siebel Enterprise Server or Siebel Server levels. For information on configuring parameters, see About Siebel System Parameters.

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