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Configuring Database Reconnect for Server Components

Database reconnect is an optional feature that enables Siebel Server components to automatically attempt a database connection following a database or network failure. At regular intervals after the failure, Siebel Server components try to reconnect to the database and resume any tasks that were rolled back due to the failure. This feature greatly reduces the administration of Siebel Server components.

Without database reconnect, a database or network failure would cause the Siebel Server component to shut down and all running tasks to crash. You would then need to manually restart all components that were shut down and rerun all tasks that crashed.

Database reconnect is enabled for all background mode and batch mode Siebel Server components, except for the Enterprise Integration Manager and Database Extract Siebel Server components. This feature is disabled for all interactive mode Siebel Server components (such as Synchronization Manager and all Application Object Manager components).

You can configure database reconnect using the following parameters:

  • Number of Retries (alias NumRetries)
  • Retry Interval (alias RetryInterval)
  • Retry Up Time (alias RetryUpTime)

For descriptions of these parameters, see Siebel Enterprise, Server, and Component Parameters. You should set these parameters at the same level as the automatic restart parameters (typically, at the component level). For information on automatic restart, see Configuring Automatic Restart for Server Components. For information on parameters, see About Siebel System Parameters.

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