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Configuring Memory-Based Server Component Recycling

If certain multithreaded server components within your Siebel application are experiencing excessive memory consumption, parameters are available that configure a component process to restart automatically. This feature, called component recycling, allows continued operation of server components without affecting end users.

The memory-based component recycling feature operates as follows:

  • Identifies a process for recycling by monitoring virtual memory usage
  • Flags the process not to accept any new requests
  • Starts another process to take the place of the original process
  • Waits for all current tasks to complete
  • Shuts down the process, which releases memory resources back to the operating system

To configure memory-based recycling of server components, set the parameters Memory Usage Based Multithread Shell Recycling (alias MemoryBasedRecycle) and Process VM Usage Lower Limit (alias MemoryLimit) at the component level for the affected multithreaded server component. The parameter MemoryBasedRecycle allows the recycling feature to monitor the virtual memory usage of a process and begins the recycling procedure when a certain memory limit is reached. The parameter MemoryLimit sets the memory limit at which recycling occurs.

You can also set a value in percent for the parameter Process VM Usage Upper Limit (alias MemoryLimitPercent). The default value is 20. When memory usage exceeds the value of MemoryLimitPercent above MemoryLimit, a fast shutdown of the memory consuming process is triggered rather than a normal shutdown.

NOTE:  Set the parameters for memory-based server component recycling at the component level.

See Siebel Enterprise, Server, and Component Parameters and Generic Parameters for further details on setting the component recycling parameters.

See Table 28 for a listing of all preconfigured server components. This table indicates whether the server component is multithreaded and, therefore, eligible to use the memory-based recycling feature.

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