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About Server Component Types

Siebel Server supports multiple component types; each type performs a specific function or job. A component type is configured with a set of parameters that determine its behavior to create an entity called a defined component (or simply component). Components are defined at the Siebel Enterprise Server level in component groups. Component groups are then assigned to one or more Siebel Servers within the Siebel Enterprise Server on which they can execute tasks.

When the Siebel Enterprise Server is installed, predefined components are automatically configured for each component type. These predefined components are then automatically assigned to each Siebel Server within the Siebel Enterprise Server. You can run your entire Siebel applications deployment using these predefined components, or you can modify their definitions and create new defined components to fine-tune your Siebel configuration. For a list of predefined Siebel Server components, see Siebel Server Components.

The defined components feature allows you to create multiple defined components for a given component type, simplifying the process of starting various types of tasks using different parameters, and managing components across multiple Siebel Servers. For example, you may create one defined component for an Object Manager running in the Siebel Sales Enterprise application in English, and another for an Object Manager running the Siebel Service Enterprise application in French. Although these defined components use the same component type, they service distinct sets of users with different functionality requirements, and are distinct entities that can be individually managed, configured, and administered. Defined components are configured in the Enterprise Component Definitions view of the Server Manager GUI.

NOTE:  For the remainder of this guide, the term component refers to both predefined components and defined components that you may create or modify.

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