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About Server Component Groups

Component groups are functional areas that involve logical groupings of Siebel Server components and multiple operating system processes. A component group consists of one or more components, which may be running in one or more operating system processes. Component groups act as:

  • The unit of deployment on, or assignment to, a Siebel Server. In general, you include in a Siebel Server the group of components that are deployed on one or more servers.
  • A unit for monitoring functionality of the interrelated components within the group (you can get a summary of the operational status at the component group status, which is determined by the individual states of the constituent components).
  • A unit of control, whereby you can make available or unavailable the interrelated components in a single step, such as Siebel Remote or Workflow Management.

Siebel Business Applications provide a number of predefined component groups. For a list of predefined component groups, see Table 27

You can also create your own component groups. For more information on this task, see Creating a Custom Siebel Server Component Group. For a list of components contained within each component group, see Siebel Server Component Groups.

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