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About Siebel Enterprise Server

The Siebel Enterprise Server is a logical grouping of Siebel Servers that supports a group of users accessing a common Siebel Database. The Siebel Enterprise Server can be configured, managed, and monitored as a single logical group, allowing the Siebel administrator to start, stop, monitor, or set parameters for Siebel Servers within a Siebel Enterprise Server.

You can set some Siebel Server parameters at the Siebel Enterprise Server level, and these parameters apply to every Siebel Server and component operating within that Siebel Enterprise Server; other parameters can be adjusted at the Siebel Server or component level to support fine-tuning. If a parameter is set at the server level, then the server-specific value overrides the Siebel Enterprise Server setting for the parameter on that server.

Each Siebel Server belonging to a Siebel Enterprise Server should connect to the same schema in the same database server.

The Siebel Enterprise Server itself has no processes and, therefore, cannot have a state.

For information on configuring the Siebel Enterprise Server, see Configuring the Siebel Enterprise Server.

NOTE:  Make sure server hardware and software requirements meet minimum standards. For more information, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network.

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