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About Siebel Server

The Siebel Server is the middle-tier platform that supports both back-end and interactive processes for every Siebel client. These processes are components within the Siebel Server architecture and support functions, such as:

  • Mobile Web client synchronization
  • Operation of business logic for Siebel Web clients, as well as connectivity and access to the Siebel Database and Siebel File System
  • Integration with legacy or third-party data
  • Automatic assignment of new accounts, opportunities, service requests, and other records
  • Workflow management

The Siebel Server supports both multiprocess and multithreaded components, and can operate components in background, batch, and interactive modes. See About Siebel Server Components for details on Siebel Server components. Many of the Siebel Server components can operate on multiple Siebel Servers simultaneously to support an increased number of users or larger batch workloads.

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