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Using the Periodic Runs Workflow to Maintain Territory Alignments

In day-to-day operations, contact, account, and asset records are added, deleted, and changed. You want to make sure that as changes are made to these records, your territory alignment is updated accordingly.

For example, when a new account is added, when a contact's primary specialty changes, or when an asset is moved to a new address, you want to have the sales team or owner for the record updated automatically and within a short period of time.

To maintain the alignment, you set up the Periodic Runs workflow to run the alignment rules in batch mode at regular intervals, for example, once a day or once a week.

This workflow:

  • Converts global conditions from a dummy alignment into a TOS search specification and invokes the TOS service.
  • Passes the resulting filtered object ids to an Assignment Manager Batch job.
  • Finds the Assignment Manager rule group based on the Hierarchy and Division, and uses the same rule group while invoking the Assignment Manager Batch job.

As a result:

  • Newly added objects are assigned to the appropriate positions.
  • Changed objects that no longer satisfy the global conditions are dropped.

This task is a step in Roadmap for Using Territory Management.

To run the Periodic Runs workflow

  1. Activate the workflow Alignment - Periodic Runs.
  2. Create a new alignment with the same global conditions as previous active alignment.

    This dummy alignment need not have rules. It must use the same Hierarchy and Division combination as the previous active alignment.

  3. Get the row Id of this alignment.
  4. Create a batch job for Workflow Process Manager with the following parameters:

    Workflow Process Alignment

    Periodic Runs

    Object Id

    The alignment ID you got in Step 3.

  5. Submit the job

    You can create the job as repeating instance, for example at every 24 hour interval. Each time the job is run, all the new account, contact, asset, and opportunity records will be assigned based on the rules and local conditions in the previous active alignment.

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