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Activating Territory Alignments

After you successfully run and review your alignment (as described in Setting Up and Running Territory Alignments), you are ready to activate the alignment so the assignment of positions to account, contact, asset records or a combination thereof takes effect in your database.

NOTE:  While an alignment is being activated, no other alignment in the same hierarchy may be activated at the same time.

This task is a step in Roadmap for Using Territory Management.

To activate a territory alignment

  1. Decide the date that you want your alignment to take effect (become active).
  2. Review the dates on the territory nodes to make sure that all the territories that you want to assign have active nodes:
    1. Navigate to the Territory Management screen, Hierarchies List view.
    2. Drill down on the hierarchy record.
    3. In the Territory Nodes list, review the Effective Start Date and Effective End Date for each territory.
  3. Navigate to Territory Management screen, Alignments Administration view.
  4. Enter or confirm the activation date.
  5. Click Activate Rules.
  6. Refresh the screen to monitor the status as the alignment is activated.
    If the Activation Is Successful and the Activation Date Is...
    The Final Status Is...


    Scheduled (On the activation date, the alignment takes effect and the alignment status changes to active)



    For more information about status values, see Table 7.

NOTE:  If the status is Alignment Activation Failed, the alignment cannot be rerun or reactivated. You need to copy the alignment, fix the problem, and then run and activate the copied alignment.

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