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Rolling Back Major Territory Alignment Activations

If a major alignment activation is scheduled for a date in the future, you can cancel the activation any time before the activation date. Canceling the activation rolls back the territory rules you set up when you scheduled the alignment activation and cancels the scheduled Assignment Manager job.

NOTE:  If a rule activation is active, the alignment has already taken effect and you cannot roll back.You can only roll back an alignment if the alignment's status is Scheduled.

When a major, intermediate, or minor alignment is rolled back, territory rules are restored mostly to their previous state. The exception is that end dates on existing rules are lost upon roll back.

For active territory nodes in the hierarchy, roll back:

  • Deletes rules where the start date (and time) match the activation date (the rule must also be present in the alignment)
  • Deletes the end date from rules where the end date matches the activation date.

If a territory is associated with multiple hierarchies and the same rule is being updated by more than one hierarchy, the roll back begins with the last scheduled alignment and continues rolling back all scheduled alignments until it reaches the earliest scheduled alignment. If the application that either manual or alignment changes were made to any of the territories included in the alignment being rolled back, the application stops the roll back process and displays an error message saying you must undo the change before performing this rollback. This allows roll back to work with multiple future versions of alignments, as described in About Versioning of Territory Alignments and Rules.

NOTE:  Rules that are added manually or edited manually (for example if the start date is changed) are not rolled back.

To roll back a scheduled territory alignment activation

  1. Navigate to Territory Management screen, Alignments Administration view.
  2. Select an alignment record where the status is Scheduled.
  3. From the applet menu, select Roll Back Activation.
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