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Combining Territory Alignments

After doing a major realignment, you might have to make minor updates to the territory alignment. Rather than changing the existing alignment and running the entire alignment again, you might create new alignment records that just contain the few new changes that have to be made at the time. You might do this several times before doing the next major realignment. As a result, when it comes the time for the next realignment, no single record exists that reflects the current alignment.

You can combine alignments to create a single record that represents the current alignment. You can combine the last major realignment and all the minor and intermediate alignments done since then to create a single alignment record representing the current situation.

The application combines these alignments based on the sequence number in the dialog box it displays. The sequence affects the final outcome, since rules in later records override rules in earlier records. Generally, it is recommended to keep the default sequence in the dialog box, which is based on activation date in which the alignments were actually run in the past. If you have some special reason for doing so, you can change the sequence numbers in the dialog box.

To combine territory alignments

  1. Navigate to the Territory Management screen, Alignments Administration view.
  2. In the alignments list, multi-select all the alignment records that you want to combine.
  3. From the alignments list menu, select Combine Alignments.

    TIP:   You can use Alt-C instead of selecting this menu option.

  4. In the dialog box, change sequence numbers of alignments if necessary, and click Combine.
  5. In the newly created Alignment record, complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the following table.


    Enter the name of the new combined territory alignment.


    Select the territory hierarchy that you want to align.


    The status is In Progress when the record is created. For information about this field, see About the Status Field.


    Select Major. (See About Territory Alignments: Major, Intermediate, and Minor.)


    If the territory hierarchy contains more than one division and you want to align only the territories in one of the divisions (not all territories in the hierarchy), enter a division in this field.

    Activation Date

    Enter the date in the future that you want the new alignment to take effect, that is, to be rolled out to all the sales representatives in the hierarchy (or in the division and hierarchy combination).

    Even though this combined alignment replicates the current assignments, you must enter an activation date, as you do for other alignments.


    Indicate whether territory coverage is nationwide or sparse (for example, in metropolitan areas only).

  6. The alignment rules are created automatically by looping through the rules for all the alignments that you combined.
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