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Overview of UI Elements

Table 100 gives an overview of user interface elements in customer applications.

Table 100. UI Elements in Customer Applications


The header is composed of the following elements: the banner, the screen bar, and the view bar.

The framed area at the top of the page that remains visible as the content area is scrolled.


The top frame of the header that is used for site branding and navigation. The banner contains the company's logo on the left side, and the global navigation hyperlinks in the lower right corner.

Global navigation hyperlinks

Hyperlinks that appear in the lower right corner of the banner frame and provide functions outside the domain of the primary tabs. In customer and partner applications, the global navigation hyperlinks include Shopping Cart, My Account, Help, Contact Us, and Log In/Out.

Screen bar

The area that displays the primary tabs, which provide access to key areas of the applications.

View bar

The bottom frame of the header that is used to display the simple search applet in most customer applications. In eChannel, the view bar is used to display the second-level navigation and favorites drop-down list controls.

Simple Search applet

A small applet in the right side of the view bar used to perform simple searches. The simple search applet also contains an icon that links to the Search Center page, where more advanced searches can be conducted.

Content area

The largest frame of the page that contains a view template and one or more applet templates. The content area may be scrolled vertically without affecting the position of the header frames.

Salutation and personalized greeting

Area at the top of the content area for displaying text messages. The message area usually displays a personalized greeting on an application's home page and a thread bar on pages deeper within an application's hierarchical structure.

Thread bar

A set of hyperlinks in the message area that illustrates the path the user has taken through the hierarchical structure of the application and allows for easy navigation back to previously visited pages.

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