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Revision Condition n

These user properties enable the Revise button on order list applets.


The values of these user properties are usually the following:

  • Revision Condition 1   "Active", "Y"
  • Revision Condition 2   "Status", LookupValue("FS_ORDER_STATUS","Open")


If the two conditions specified by these user properties are met, that is the Active flag is Y and the Order Status is Open, then the Revise button is enabled.

You can inactivate or modify the values for this user property. You can create new instances of these user properties as needed, if they do not already exist.

See also About Setting Numbered Instances of a User Property.

You can also enable the Revise button for other status conditions, for example when the status is Open or Failed. You do so by changing the Revision Condition 2 user property.

To enable the Revise button for Open or Failed order status

  1. Add a new calculated field:
    • Name: Status Rev
    • Calculated Value: IIf([Status]=LookupValue("FS_ORDER_STATUS","Open") or [Status]=LookupValue("FS_ORDER_STATUS","Failed"), "Y", "N")
  2. Change the Revision Condition 2 user property:

    Value: "Status Rev", "Y"

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Siebel Industry Applications: order management and loyalty programs

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