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Revision Copy Field n

The Revision Copy Field user property can be used in conjunction with the Revision Field user property to produce numbered revisions of such things as quotes, orders, agreements, and so on.

When the Revise method is used to create a new record as a copy of an existing record, Revision Copy Field n causes the value in a particular field of the existing record to be copied to the new record.

See also Revision Field and Revise Method.


The value of this user property must be the name of a field in the business component.


This property can be specified with or without the numeric suffix. Append the numeric suffix to differentiate between multiple instances on a business component.

A typical example of the use of the Revision Copy Field and Revision Field user properties is to create an updated revision of a quote. On the Quote business component, add several Revision Copy Field user properties, including Revision Copy Field 1 with value Quote Number and Revision Copy Field 2 with value Credit Card Number. Add the Revision Field user property with value Revision.

When a new quote record is created by using the Revise method to copy an existing record, the Revision field contains the next number in the revision sequence (one more than the maximum value in the existing records). The Quote Number and Credit Card Number fields contain the same values as in the copied existing record.

You can inactivate or modify the values for this user property. You can also create new instances of this user property as needed.

See also About Setting Numbered Instances of a User Property.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Revisions of various kinds of records

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