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About Siebel Master Data Applications Architecture

Siebel Master Data Applications are based on the Siebel Business Application n-tier object architecture in which the user interface, business logic, and data are separated and layered, see Figure 4. Each tier contains a set of objects and components, which allows a high degree of reuse. The consolidated object layer makes for uniform communication across channels and interfaces. This architecture also allows flexible deployment scenarios and integration with new business processes and systems.

Figure 4. Siebel Master Data Applications n-tier Architecture

The Siebel Master Data Applications platform is designed for extreme fault tolerance with zero downtime. The database platform includes:

  • High-availability upgrades and online upgrades of the production environment.
  • Enhanced cluster support that allows automatic and transparent fail-over between servers and eliminates single points of failure.
  • Database auto-reconnect, which allows servers to continue operation after a temporary outage without any intervention.
  • Server component reconfiguration without stopping current tasks or client sessions.
  • Supports multithreaded and interactive components, except background mode components.
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