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About Siebel Master Data Application Integration Objects

There are three types of Siebel Master Data Applications integration objects:

For background information on integration objects, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

UCM Integration Objects

The UCM integration objects contain the data hierarchy that is a subset of the data in a Siebel application business object. The UCM Integration objects map to the different UCM business objects in the Siebel Business Application. Many preconfigured integration objects are provided for you, which you can extend and modify as necessary.

These integration objects can be found in the Siebel repository, and their names start with CIF. In addition, you can create your own integration objects for use using Integration Object Builder in Siebel Tools; see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration for further information.

This internal integration object is required so that the UCM business services, such as the UCM Transaction Manager, can receive and package the data from XML (as a CRMML message) and into a format understood by the Siebel application object manager (as business component data).

UCM Envelope Integration Objects

The envelope integration object stores system information about where the data originated and where the destination of the data. It stores information about the message (such as its ID) rather than the message contents.

The envelope integration object is required for all integration business processes. If your integration process requires a slightly different envelope integration object, customize it for your needs. Otherwise, use the envelope integration object named UCM Envelope.

For information on customizing the envelope integration object, see Modifying UCM Envelope Integration Objects.

UCM Dispatcher Map Integration Objects

The UCM dispatcher map is an integration object that contains the rule sets used by the UCM Dispatcher. The default UCM dispatcher map is CIFDispMap. Siebel Master Data Applications use the following predefined dispatcher maps:

  • CIFDispMap—Default dispatcher map used
  • CIFDispMapAccount—Dispatcher map containing only CIFAccount messages
  • CIFDispMapContact—Dispatcher map containing only CIFContact messages
  • CIFDispMapFINCORPAccount—Dispatcher map containing only CIFFINCORPAccount messages
  • CIFDispMapHHMisc—Dispatcher map containing the CIFHousehold, CIFFINCORP Account, and CIFPersonal Address messages
  • CIFDispMapPerf—Dispatcher map containing a subset of CIFContact messages for improving performance

For performance reasons in a production environment, deactivate business processes that you are not supporting. You can do so by deactivating the user property name corresponding to the business processes that are not applicable.

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