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Customization Scenarios

Review the following scenarios to see if they apply to your implementation:

Capture Privacy Elections for a New Business Channel

Scenario: You want to capture privacy elections for a new channel added to the business, for example: Insurance.

Solution: Adding a new privacy preference involves several changes to the business rules after the privacy preference is added in Siebel table and repository. Make these changes:

  • Run the Siebel Object Importer to bring the change into knowledge base conceptual role model. New concepts and relations are generated automatically.
  • Add the instances for the privacy preference to the privacy preference concept Insurance.
  • Add a new table with the default privacy preference values for insurance, copying the format of the existing Default Privacy Option Tables.
  • Add business rules for this new privacy preference.

Change Address for Privacy Preferences

Scenario: You want to evaluate the privacy preferences based on addresses other than Garage Address, for example: Permanent Address. In such a case, both the Siebel configuration and HaleyAuthority rules need to be changed.

Solution 1: If you do not insist on consistency in Concept/Entity naming, the changes needed are minimal. In Siebel UCM, make these changes:

  • Add the LOV "Permanent" to the Address Type field for FINCOPR Account Contact Address.
  • Change business component 'UCM FINCORP Account Contact Garage Address Source Data and History' search spec from:

    [Address Type] = 'Garage' AND [UCM Type Code] = 'History' AND [Parent Type] = 'Financial Account Contact'
    [Address Type] = 'Permanent' AND [UCM Type Code] = 'History' AND [Parent Type] = 'Financial Account Contact'

  • Modify the runtime event triggering to look for changes on Permanent Address instead of Garage Address.

In HaleyAuthority, search for the word "Address Type", replace "Garage" with "Permanent" in all the statements found, then deploy the changed modules.

Solution 2: If you care about the wording in Siebel and Haley Concept/Entity/Rules, then additional effort is needed as follows:

  • Make the changes specified in Solution 1.
  • Create a new business component.
  • Modify the business object and integration object definitions.
  • Modify the rules administration configuration.
  • Run the Siebel object importer to bring the new concept and relations into HaleyAuthority.
  • Build new rules based on the existing rules for Garage Address.
  • Create a new module to hold the new rules.

Implementing a New Company Policy to be Compliant with OFAC

Scenario: You pass a new company policy to be compliant with OFAC list, and privacy rules need to be created around OFAC.

Solution: The existing field exists in both Siebel repository and Haley Conceptual model, so there is no need to run Siebel Object Importer again. Add a new sub-module under the corresponding event module, and then add the relevant business logic.

Modifying New State Default Privacy Options upon Pending Expiration

Scenario: You want the default privacy options to be set for each customer based on the privacy state code for each preference.

Solution: Modify table entries in the Default Privacy Option Table in US.FS.1 Default privacy option tables. Entries for additional state regulations can be added by inserting additional rows in this table. Note that XX represents "invalid states"—state codes that do not apply to the 50 US states, DC, or Puerto Rico.

Modifying the State Restrictiveness Ranking Table

Scenario: You want to alter the ranking of states used to determine the privacy state code for the financial account.

Solution: Modify the priority of the states in the State Restrictiveness Ranking Table in US. Country rules or add additional states with priorities. Note that if Puerto Rico has the same rank as another entry, Puerto Rico has a rule that makes it take precedence in module US. Country rules.

New Business Components in Siebel UCM, Reuse Module or Rules in Privacy Knowledge Base

Scenario: FINCORP is a standard business component and corresponds to 'S_ASSET'. You want to reuse the rules related to FINCORP Account, but use your industry-specific business component based on S_ASSET.

Solution: Make these modifications:

  • Run Siebel Object Importer to bring the new business components into knowledge base conceptual role model. New concepts and relations are generated automatically.
  • Change the rules you want to reuse to use the concepts/relations you just imported (or copy the original rules instead of changing them).
  • Reparse the rules.
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