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Siebel Universal Customer Master Scenario

The following business scenario is designed to provide guidance for a potential Siebel Master Data Applications deployment. The business institution and its existing implementation are described, followed by the benefits of the Siebel Master Data Applications and Siebel Universal Application Network solution. A review of the integration process with back-office systems is also included.

Business Client

A large, successful financial institution has evolved into a national enterprise with offices and business units in several locations across the country. Its core banking systems include client deposits, loans, and mortgages. It also offers credit card services and an investment banking service. Through mergers and acquisitions, the financial institution is also involved with the insurance industry, providing life, home, and car policies for its clients.

Existing Implementation

With this large number of business ventures and offices, the financial institution found itself using a myriad of applications for individual business units. Even in the same business units, different departments (HR and Accounting, for example) functioned on different back-office systems, which included multiple front office applications and multiple middle-tier systems, and various applications that stored subsets of customer information. Client, partner, and product information is spread across multiple IT systems. A large percentage of the IT budget for this institution is spent on maintenance and integration of these applications. However, removing or expanding the functionality of these legacy systems is difficult and costly.

The solution is to continue to use the Siebel Master Data Applications as a key component in the synchronization of customer profile information across customer-related applications, including back-office applications.

Siebel Master Data Applications Deployment

In this scenario, Siebel Master Data Applications operate as a stand-alone application in an application network. Siebel Master Data Applications reside outside any operational application and serve to store, synchronize, and reconcile customer data across the financial organization's enterprise. See Figure 1 for a model of this deployment.

Figure 1. Siebel Master Data Applications Stand-Alone Deployment Scenario

Siebel Master Data Applications Integration

The Siebel Master Data Applications deployment uses several prebuilt connectors along with the full Siebel EAI module functionality to integrate and consolidate customer information across back-office systems. See Siebel Connector and Integration of Siebel Master Data Applications for details about this process.

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